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La maison de l'horlogerie

On April the 11th, for the first time in Switzerland, Minase was introduced at La Maison de l’Horlogerie in Geneva. Despite the difficulties reaching the center of the city (Metallica was playing on that same night in town!), visitors were plentiful and very curious towards the Japanese newcomer. After a presentation of the brand by M. Tsuyoshi Suzuki, President of Kyowa & Co, and Sven Henriksen, Head of Minase International, the guests had the opportunity to taste some famous Akita Sake wine. While enjoying fresh sushis prepared on the spot by the renown Chef Masa of Nagomi restaurant, the guests stayed until late, admiring the timepieces displayed in the vitrines and asking several questions to the brand’s representatives that attended the event directly from Japan.



Friday the 23rd of March, Baselworld was in full swing when Minase attended its first public event, Wine and Time. More than 100 people gathered at the small Wine Bar, all the guests sharing one same passion: watches… and good wine! A wide variety of brands were being presented trying to get the attention of collectors, influencers and journalists. Each brand had just 2 minutes to introduce itself but the room got a little more silent when it came to Minase’s turn. The mystic movie displaying the brand’s origin, the know-how and technique of the craftsmen, the passion around the brand and the few words in Japanese spoken by Sven Henriksen, Head of Minase International, certainly caught the attention of the too-hot and steamy room.



Münich time

For the first time in the brand’s history, from 27-29 October 2017, Minase Timepieces has made its very first appearance outside Japan. Held at prestigious Bayerischer Hof at the heart of Munich City in Germany, the watch event « Munichtime » was a perfect opportunity for the brand to unveil its extraordinary creations. Aimed at collectors, watch passionates, influencers and journalists, this is a great opportunity for meeting potential buyers and watch lovers face to face. Mr Tsuyoshi Suzuki, President of Kyowa & Co. came all the way to Germany in order to support Minase international « Première ». Very successful event, several orders for watches have been registered during the 3 days. 



Minase will attend Munichtime 2018, from 26 to 28 October at Bayerischer Hof Hotel.